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"Best Summer of Your Life" Challenge-Family Wellness Center

Best Summer Challenge pictureLike students returning to school each fall, what if we were asked to write a paper, "What I did this summer?"  Do you ever get to the end of August and think, 'I didn't get to all the things I had wanted do?'  Let's make this our best summer ever!  The Family Wellness Center offers a challenge for the "Best Summer of Your Life" by creating a personal list and completing 14 activities between Memorial and Labor Day. 

We all have high hopes for the season, but time moves so quickly.  This challenge offers the program to make the commitment to ourselves to look back at Summer of 2019 as the year that we accomplished our goals, relaxed, read, finished a long-standing project, took the trip, visited with family and friends, challenged ourselves, made a sand castle, enjoyed the outdoors and everything you plan.

See the flyer for more information and click on the link to join in the fun.  Prize drawings for completion will be held following Labor Day.  In addition to having your best summer, you could win:

  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Neck & shoulder relaxer
  • Essential oil diffuser with oils
  • Premium coloring book with pencils
  • Scalp massagers
  • Aromatherapy essential oil car vent freshener