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Beth Dobrzynski Named Executive Director of Elmbrook Education Foundation

Beth Dobrzynski

The Elmbrook Education Foundation (EEF)'s Board of Directors has named Beth Dobrzynski as the new Executive Director of the Elmbrook Education Foundation.

Dobrzynski has been a Board Member of the EEF since 2011 and has chaired the very successful Ladies Night event for the past nine years. She has held various Executive Board positions and has been serving as President of the EEF Board since 2018. Beth replaces Spencer Mayhew in this role.  

"Beth's knowledge and experience with EEF's presence in our community, operations, and key work processes makes her the ideal candidate for the Executive Director job. Moreover, because of her active participation in the EEF's work over the past decade, she is uniquely positioned to hit the ground running to ensure that the Foundation is delivering on all of our commitments" said Kim Irwin, EEF Vice President. "We couldn't be more excited to have Beth assume the role of Executive Director, and we know she is the right person for the job." 

Dobrzynski joined the Foundation with six years of experience in sales and marketing and over 20 years as a liaison in leadership roles for her children's schools, her church and the community. Beth earned her Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business Administration from Truman University in 1990.

Beth began her role as Executive Director of the Elmbrook Education Foundation on February 18, 2020.