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Brookfield Central Students Create 3D-Printed Prosthetics for Those in Need

Students creating 3D-printed prostheticsThe students of the Brookfield Central 3D Fabrication Society have been 3D printing and distributing prosthetic hands to help those in need. The club began in 2016 with financial help for their printing materials donated from the Elmbrook Rotary Club.

The BC 3D Fabrication Society has partnered with Hands of Hope in Haiti and created a chapter through e-NABLE, a non-profit, online community that connects organizations with 3D printers to individuals in need of prosthetic upper limbs. Through these partnerships, Central students have been able to print hands and single digits for several individuals in Haiti and in the Milwaukee area.

"Prosthetic limbs usually cost thousands of dollars but using the technology available to us in our Fab Lab, we have been able to 3D print these same limbs for about three to four dollars apiece for those in need," said Amy Keane, BC senior and President of the 3D Fabrication Society. "Being able to use our resources to help others is a powerful experience that speaks to the heart of our school."

On Sunday, December 16, the 3D Fabrication Society hosted a Build Day along with Central's NHS and Key Club. During the event, 17 people worked to build 20 hands that will be shipped to Haiti in the near future.

"I am grateful for the technology support we have received from Mr. Juran and Mr. Strohschein, and for the students who have been committed to making this project a success," said Central educator and Fabrication Society advisor, John Wilkinson. "As this project continues to grow, we hope to expand our printing capacity and capabilities to larger prosthetic limbs in the future."

View photos of the prosthetics built by students below.