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Calendar Change for November 23 & 24

Last evening the District's Governance Team approved the Medical Advisory Board's recommendation to change November 23 and 24 school days from in-person learning to virtual for all students and staff. The primary reason for this change is to limit contact tracing efforts over the Thanksgiving weekend. Over the past two weeks our contact tracing team has averaged 80-120 contacts per day.

In addition, at its next meeting on Tuesday, November 17, the Medical Advisory Board will consider strategies to mitigate community spread following the Thanksgiving Holiday. There is significant concern that family and friend gatherings could further accelerate the spread of the disease and place additional pressure on our healthcare system. One potential response could include an extension of virtual learning for some or all grades the week of November 30 - December 4. 

This letter from Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow describes changes to Waukesha County's contact tracing procedures due to the significant rise in cases throughout our region. Executive Farrow also stresses the importance of limiting social events and community activities that are negatively impacting in-person learning. The Medical Advisory Board echoes the County Executive's call to limit gatherings over Thanksgiving to help us stay safe and stay open, as well as reduce the demand currently placed on our medical care facilities. 

Thank you for your continued flexibility and support.