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District Holds 4th Annual Engaged in Excellence Awards

2019 Golden Apple winnersOn Monday, May 6, Elmbrook Schools held the 4th Annual Engaged in Excellence Awards Red Carpet Gala at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts, sponsored by the Elmbrook Education Foundation. The event celebrated forty-six individual and six team finalists, alumni and community partner honorees, 2018-19 retirees, and 25+ years of service honorees.

The evening included a Queen opening number parodying the Academy Awards, a tribute to Helen Andrews, gourmet food appetizers, and video skits.

Congratulations to all finalists and the following winners of this year's Golden Apples:

• Alumni Excellence: Deanna Singh (Brookfield East Class of 1997), Tyler Galganski & Dave Hibler (Brookfield Central Class of 2003)

• Excellence in Coaching or Advising: DJ Richlen (Advisor, Chess Club; Brookfield East)

• Excellence in a Community Partnership: Elm Grove Kiwanis, Milliman

• Excellence in Leadership: Ben Westphal (Associate Principal, Brookfield East)

• Excellence in Service & Support - Individual: Christy Schmid (Executive Assistant for Teaching & Learning, Central Office)

• Excellence in Service & Support - Team: Jen Beug-Hoffman & Karen Krzyzak (Swanson Elementary Front Office)

• Excellence in Student Services: Jennie Katrichis (Psychologist, Brookfield Central)

• Excellence in Substitute Teaching: Trudie Miller (Wisconsin Hills)

• Excellence in Teaching - Elementary: Dave Peterson (Fifth Grade Burleigh Elementary)

• Excellence in Teaching - Middle School: Tom Freesmeier (Social Studies, Pilgrim Park)

• Excellence in Teaching - High School: Patrick Coffey (Social Studies, Brookfield East)

• Excellence in Teaching - New Educator: Hannah Ziesemer (First Grade, Brookfield Elementary)

• Excellence in Teaching Support: Sue Robles (Kindergarten Assistant, Tonawanda Elementary)

• Excellence in Volunteering: Joe & Stacy Coffey (Tonawanda Elementary)