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District Recognizes Retirees and 25-Plus Years of Service Employees
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On Monday, May 7, retiring employees and employees with 25+ years of service were honored at the District's 3rd Annual Engaged in Excellence Event. We celebrate their achievements and thank them for their contributions in making Elmbrook a great place to learn, a great place to work and a great school district. Congratulations to all retirees and years of services honorees listed below.

View the Class of 2018 Retiree Video Tribute here.

Class of 2017-18 Retirees

Patricia Barina, Burleigh Elementary
Sharon Biehl, Brookfield East
Wanda Boggs, Brookfield Elementary
Sue Brummer, Tonawanda Elementary
Donald Brzezinski, Brookfield East
Kitty Callahan-Janas, Burleigh Elementary
Su Edington, Brookfield Central
Patricia Glubka, Dixon Elementary
Naomi Heckmann, Brookfield East
Janet Holt, Wisconsin Hills
Rick Kiedrowski, Brookfield Central
Roselyn Kinsella, Wisconsin Hills
Pam Koutecky, Wisconsin Hills
Laurel Leahy, Dixon Elementary
Anita Olikara, Central Office
Kay Oeding, Wisconsin Hills
Susan Pankiewicz, Burleigh Elementary
James Riegert, Brookfield Central
Michael Rose, Brookfield East
Debbie Strzyzewski, Pilgrim Park
Rebecca Thomas, Swanson Elementary
Rusty Wilson, Swanson Elementary
Linda Zahn, Pilgrim Park

25 Years

Margo Blomquist, Wisconsin Hills
Annemarie Buehler, Brookfield Elementary
Anna Marie Feldmeier, Pilgrim Park
Barbara Gommermann, Brookfield East
Jeffrey Gryzwa, Brookfield Central
John Harder, Brookfield East
Naomi Heckmann, Brookfield East
Barbara Herdegen, Swanson Elementary
Douglas Johnson, Dixon Elementary
Marina Kane, Brookfield East
Laurel Leahy, Dixon Elementary
Jean Nigel, Wisconsin Hills
Michael Rose, Brookfield East
Ralph Schneider, Swanson Elementary
Colleen Vickio, Central Office
Cheryl Waffenschmidt, Brookfield East
Geoffrey Zeidler, Brookfield East

30 Years

Daniel Brzezinski, Brookfield Elementary
Cheryl Flasch, Pilgrim Park
Stephanie Gerard, Wisconsin Hills
John Grass, Brookfield East
Dean Hagen, Pilgrim Park
Linda Johnson, Dixon Elementary
Kara Keepers, Wisconsin Hills
Kathryn Lenz, Fairview South
Kay Oeding, Wisconsin Hills
Lynn Organ, Fairview South
Cheryl Shenk, Brookfield east
Brian Smith, Brookfield East
Milorad Sucevic, Wisconsin Hills
Susan Wilson, Brookfield Central

35 Years

Richard Gerard, Brookfield East
James Melotik, Brookfield East
Brett Netzel, Pilgrim Park