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District Recognizes Retirees and 25-Plus Years of Service Employees

On Monday, May 6, retiring employees and employees with 25+ years of service were honored at the District's 4th Annual Engaged in Excellence Event. We celebrate their achievements and thank them for their contributions in making Elmbrook a great place to learn, a great place to work and a great school district. Congratulations to all retirees and years of services honorees listed below.

Click here to view the Class of 2019 Retiree Video Tribute or see below.

Class of 2018-19 Retirees

Richard Bloede, Brookfield Central
Elizabeth Browne, Tonawanda Elementary
Dan Brzezinski, Brookfield Elementary
Sandy Erdman, Central Office
Jane Fleming, Dixon Elementary
Lynn Goeden-Hough, Fairview South
Barbara Herdegen, Swanson Elementary
Darlene Kadlac, Tonawanda Elementary
Vicki Kain, Brookfield East
Kara Keepers, Wisconsin Hills
Jennifer Niles-Burch, Pilgrim Park
Robin Patin, Pilgrim Park
Richard Rebholz, Pilgrim Park
Beth Rindt, Swanson Elementary
Shirley Smanski, Brookfield Central
Micho Sucevic, Wisconsin Hills

40 Years
Jill Kokta, Central Office

30 Years
Norman Andrews, Swanson Elementary
Kathleen Dubiel, Brookfield Central
Maggie Ferree, Brookfield Elementary
Julie Hardie, Swanson Elementary
Jeep Kust, Pilgrim Park
Sherri Michalowski, Wisconsin Hills
Michael Steiner, Brookfield East

25 Years
Kevin Allen, Pilgrim Park
Linda Bergmann, Wisconsin Hills
Shyla Calhoun, Swanson Elementary
Barbara Gommermann, Brookfield East
James Johnson, Brookfield Central
Lisa Mattes, Swanson Elementary
Betsy McGinn, Wisconsin Hills
Scott Nelsen, Brookfield Central
Michael Plockelman, Tonawanda Elementary
Jennifer Slonac, Swanson Elementary
Elke Sommers, Brookfield Central / East
Jennifer Spek, Swanson Elementary
Gregory Wolfe, Brookfield East