District Significantly Exceeds Expectations

District Report Card ScoreThe School District of Elmbrook "significantly exceeds expectations," according to the Department of Public Instruction who released district and school report cards today. The District's rating score of 86.8 is the 11th highest rating score among K-12 districts in the state, based on 2016-17 school year data. Additionally, all of the district's schools received classifications of "significantly exceeds" or "exceeds" expectations, the two highest ratings.

The district and school report cards are intended to create a more standardized methodology for parents and community members to determine the effectiveness of their local districts and schools.

The report cards include outcomes for each school in four priority areas: Student Achievement, Student Growth, Closing Gaps, and Post-Secondary Readiness. Based on a combined score in each of these four areas, scores and ratings are determined for all public schools and districts across the state.


Report Card Score

Report Card Rating



Significantly Exceeds

Brookfield Elementary


Significantly Exceeds

Burleigh Elementary


Significantly Exceeds

Dixon Elementary


Significantly Exceeds

Swanson Elementary


Significantly Exceeds

Tonawanda Elementary


Significantly Exceeds

Pilgrim Park Middle


Significantly Exceeds

Wisconsin Hills Middle



Brookfield Central High


Significantly Exceeds

Brookfield East High


Significantly Exceeds

"The District and School Report Cards are one measure of many that we use to compare the quality of our District to our peers around the state," said Chris Thompson, Chief Strategy Officer. "Although the state's method of measurement has changed every year, our commitment to excellence across the District is evident in our outstanding scores and consistently high ratings."

To view report cards for other Districts or to learn more about the accountability system, visit the Department of Public Instruction's site at https://apps2.dpi.wi.gov/reportcards/.