HeritageFest Celebrates Community Diversity in Elmbrook
HeritageFest dancers

The Elementary English Language Learners and High School World Languages Departments in collaboration with Parent Network hosted Elmbrook HeritageFest on Tuesday, May 16 at Dixon Elementary. The festival allowed the Elmbrook community to visit cultures from around the world without leaving Brookfield.

The event brought in more than 400 attendees and included food samples, crafts, and activities from around the world!

"It was truly amazing to have so many active participants at the festival and the breathtaking performances that took place," said Silvia Pasquini, Elmbrook Parent Network President. "The diversity of our wonderful community is something that we should all be proud of."

Students and community members wore traditional ethnic clothing and twelve different cultural performances took place, with more than 21 countries and cultures represented at the event. HeritageFest was a special opportunity to allow for a wide range of human experiences and cultural exploration.