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Elmbrook Mourns the Loss of Donald Siegfried

Don SiegfriedDon "The Chief" Siegfried, the School District of Elmbrook's first Business Manager, passed away on Saturday, October 26. Don's journey in Elmbrook began as the Business Manager of the Consolidated Joint District 21 (made up of Dixon, Leland, and Linfield Schools) and he was an integral part of the formation of the K-12 School District of Elmbrook in 1963. During his 31 years of service, Don was known for his strong work ethic and commitment to the District, never missing a day of work due to illness. Don was well-loved and remained a strong supporter of the Elmbrook Schools and Brookfield community throughout his retirement and, in 2014, he was recognized as an Outstanding Educator at the District's 50th Anniversary celebration.

He is survived by his wife Jean, four children, and grandchildren.

Please click here to view his obituary.