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Elmbrook Responds to Teen Vaping Epidemic (Part 3)

In our continued efforts to combat the teen vaping trend and educate our families on the dangers of this activity, the Elmbrook Schools has released our third and final video in our public service announcement series. Created in partnership with Mayor Ponto, Parent Network, Elmbrook students and District leaders, Responses to Vaping focuses on different perspectives on vaping throughout our community and how each group is responding to the epidemic. As a progressive response, the city of Brookfield has passed an ordinance citing and fining minors for possession of vape products and businesses for selling to minors.

Our first and second videos, What is Vaping and Health Hazards of Vaping are also available to view - educates parents and students about vaping and its dangers. All three videos are available to view here.

This December, the Elmbrook Parent Network will host an informational session with local vaping expert, Dr. Barbara Calkins of Children's Hospital, in the Brookfield Central Cafeteria. Families and students can reserve their seats for this important program at:

Additional resources on the dangers of vaping are available for our community at