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Elmbrook Students Take Top Spots in Math & Science Competitions

Throughout the Spring, several Elmbrook students took top spots in Math and Science Competitions. Elmbrook sent five students to the MathCounts Wisconsin State Competition this past Spring with the following students placing out of 42 participants:

  • Kartik Ramachandrula (1st place)
  • Joshua Wang (2nd place)
  • Louis Liu (10th place)
  • Vaidehi Ramachandrula (11th place)
  • Swar Khopkar (27th place)

Kartik and Joshua advanced to represent Wisconsin at the MathCounts National Competition in May where they competed against the top 224 individuals from the US. At Nationals, Kartik finished 50th place and was honored as a three-time MathCounts National competitor, and Joshua finished in 61st place and was honored as a two-time MathCounts National competitor.

Additionally, Kartik and Joshua qualified for other distinguished national high school math competitions. Kartik qualified for the USA Junior Mathematical Olympiad (USAJMO) competition, which is offered to the top 10th graders (and under) students in the US and serves as one of the most prestigious math competitions offered to US high school students. Joshua Wang (who is half-Canadian) qualified for the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO), which is offered to the top Canadian high school students. Joshua also qualified for both the USA Physics Olympiad Exam (USAPhO) and US National Chemistry Olympiad National Exam (USNCO).  Both the Physics and Chemistry National exams are offered to the top high school students in those subjects through testing in the F=MA and USNCO Local exams.

Congratulations to Katrik, Joshua, and all students who have participated and been honored in state and national academic competitions!

Pictured L to R: Kartik, Joshua

Kartik and Joshua