Elmbrook Students Win in Marquette University Computer Programming Competition

On Wednesday, April 19, Elmbrook computer science teams took first and second place at the Marquette University Computer Programming Competition! Each team consisted of four students who worked together to complete a problem set consisting of eight challenging computer programming problems. More than 45 teams from across the state competed in the Java division. Elmbrook sent a record number of ten teams to the competition!

The first place team of David Harmeyer (BCHS), Dan Anderson (BCHS), Tim Vrakas (BEHS), and Suchir Bhatt (BEHS) was the only team to complete all eight problems.

The second place team consisting of Xander Ge (BEHS), Tanay Gummadi (BEHS), Billy Huang (BEHS), and Alex Rusnak (BEHS) was close behind completing seven of the eight problems.

Elmbrook's success is a result of the state's strongest computer science program, led by teachers and team advisors, Ryan Osterberg (BCHS) and Robert Crandall (BEHS). Students benefit from both introductory and advanced programming courses, as well as an Advanced Placement Java course, and two Data Structures courses offered in partnership with Marquette University. Several students round out their programming coursework with internships at area businesses.

"I am extremely proud of all of the students that participated in the Marquette University Computer Programming Competition," stated Ryan Osterberg. "Elmbrook had a record ten teams of students competing in the Java division. All of our teams performed well successfully completing multiple problems. Winning this competition makes three years in a row that Elmbrook has won both competitions!"

First place team

First Place Team
(L to R: Dan Anderson, David Harmeyer, Tim Vrakas, Suchir Bhatt, Advisor Ryan Osterberg)

Second place

Second Place Team
(L to R: Alex Rusnak, Xander Ge, Tanay Gummadi, Billy Huang, Robert Crandall)