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First Elmbrook CNA Cohort Completes Coursework

Congratulations to the first Elmbrook Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) cohort on completing their coursework through Gateway Technical College!

Elmbrook students engaged in a 12-week online course and two days of simulated clinical experience. Due to the pandemic, students could not have clinical experiences in a long-term care facility, so LAUNCH's Medical Lab at Brookfield East was used as a substitute. The students also had CNA mentors consisting of alumni and a current student, and a study team assigned to help support them through online course work. 

"We were so happy to offer CNA training through Gateway Technical College this fall," said Amie Farley, Director of College, Career & Life. "Our students are passionate about the medical field and are such caring people. Having our CNAs mentored by alumni, who embody the same characteristics, was an additional benefit to the success of our students." Students involved will take a two-part State CNA test, including a skills-based exam facilitated in the BEHS Medical Lab and an online knowledge test.

Thank you to Gateway Technical College for facilitating the program and to those that served as CNA mentors! If you are CNA licensed and would like to volunteer in the future, please reach out to Amie Farley at farleyam@elmbrookschools.org.

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