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Medical Advisory Board Update (12/10)

The Medical Advisory Board met last evening to discuss two important topics: consideration of calendar adjustments before and after winter break, and new CDC options regarding shortening the length of quarantine for students or staff designated as a close contact. 

Calendar Considerations

At this time, the Medical Advisory Board and Senior Leadership Team are recommending no changes to our school calendar before or after Winter Break. Our last day of in-person learning is Tuesday, December 22, and we will resume in-person learning on Monday, January 4. 

Although we realized a significant 500-student decrease in individuals quarantined the week following Thanksgiving compared to the week after Halloween, some of this reduction may be attributed to a general slowing of the spread of the disease across our county. Several other districts, including some who were in-person last week, are also reporting lower cases among students and staff. 

CDC Quarantine Options

Last week, the CDC released additional options that could potentially reduce the length of quarantine for close contacts who remain without symptoms for the duration of their quarantine. Wisconsin's Dept of Health Services and the Waukesha County Health Department supported these options and are allowing school districts to determine if/how they are implemented.

The Medical Advisory Board endorsed two different options for staff and students, based on its analysis of the CDC's supporting data and yet-to-be peer-reviewed research. These endorsements were accepted by the Governance Team (Supt, Board President/Vice President). 

Student Quarantine Options: For any student who remains without symptoms during the entire quarantine period, move from a 14-day quarantine to a 10-day quarantine option without a test. The student would be eligible to return on Day 11. Families can still choose to quarantine for 14 days, if desired.

Staff Quarantine Option: For any staff member who remains without symptoms during the entire quarantine period, move from a 14-day quarantine to a 7-day quarantine with an antigen or rapid PCR test on Day 6 or Day 7. If the test is negative, staff would be eligible to return on Day 8.

As the research becomes established and more local data becomes available regarding the early return of individuals in close contact quarantine, the Advisory Board will consider the other options presented by the CDC and any corresponding adjustments to these recommendations.