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Staff Spotlight: AVID Site Coordinators

The Advancement Via Individual Determination or "AVID" program is designed to equip students with the necessary critical thinking and intellectual skills and behaviors for academic success in rigorous coursework. The program was adopted into our high school curriculum in 2008-09 at Brookfield East and in 2013-14 at Brookfield Central, and this year has expanded to include Pilgrim Park and Wisconsin Hills middle schools. The work of these site coordinators has created a smooth transition for our AVID students from middle to high school, allowing for continued academic growth and stability in learning.

Pictured AVID Site Coordinators: Michelle Pavletich and Mary Jo Jaskie from Pilgrim Park, Shane Radosevich and Michelle Simons from Wisconsin Hills, Board President Kathryn Wilson, Sabrina Hintz from Brookfield Central, and Hannah Guth from Brookfield East.

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AVID Site Coordinators