Teladoc-Medical Care: Anytime. Anywhere.

You can access your health care the same way we connect with travel, banking, entertainment, media and even socializing--via web, phone and mobile app. Quality, convenient, affordable telehealth care is just a few taps away. I need that...

The Elmbrook Schools' health benefit experience is partnered with Teladoc:

  • to provide secure, quality and convenient health care with a physician;
  • for diagnosis and treatment of common, non-emergency medical conditions;
  • when the Family Health & Wellness Center option is not available (due to timing, proximity...);
  • accessed directly from home, work and while traveling;
  • available 24/7/365 to members of the Elmbrook health plan;
  • via mobile app, telephone and web;
  • at a cost of $45 per virtual visit (paid at time of visit and can be submitted by you for health insurance processing).

Contact Teladoc for an immediate appointment. Keep this information handy:

  1. Download App (Available at App Store or Google Play)
  2. With login at
  3. Website
  4. Call 1-800-835-2362

Want to learn more? Check out this short video. Contact your Benefits Team, Lori Golomski ( or Mary Kaminski ( with questions.