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WHMS 2021 Science Bowl Team Wins Regionals, Advance to National Level

In February, a Wisconsin Hills Middle School Science Bowl Team won their regional competition for the 2021 National Science Bowl (NSB) and will advance to the NSB National Finals this Spring! The team consisted of Josh Wang, Kartik Ramachandrula, Matthew Wang, Saathvik Gowda, and Vaidehi Ramachandrula. 22 teams from 10 different Wisconsin Middle Schools competed and an additional two WHMS teams placed third and fourth in the virtual competition.

“These kids are amazing, both for individual accomplishments and as a team,” said Coach Ed Wang. “Not only did they perform well as a team at the National Science Bowl, but they also performed well at the National Science Bee as individuals. It is almost like an all-star team, where each individual would probably be the captain for almost any other school.”

The team also placed in the top 4 at the National level last year, and Josh, Saathvik and Kartik have now won the regional championship for three consecutive years.

The NSB brings together thousands of middle and high school students from across the country to compete in a fast-paced question-and-answer format where they solve technical problems and answer questions on a range of science disciplines including biology, chemistry, Earth and space science, physics and math. More than 315,000 students have participated in the National Science Bowl in its 30- year history, and it is one of the nation's largest science competitions. More than 14,700 students compete in the NSB each year. 

Congratulations to the entire WHMS Science Bowl Team and Coaches Wang, Ramachandrula, Sethu, and Unnikrishnan, and good luck at Nationals! More information is available on the NSB website: https://science.osti.gov/wdts/nsb.

National Science Bowl team