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Business Challenge is Underway!

Our students are engaged in projects thanks to great businesses & business coaches:

Metal Era
Project: Speed to Market to Adoption
Business Coach: Robert Thompson

Project: Create an Online Marketing Campaign
Business Coach: Scott Latze

United Heartland
Project: Villain to Hero: Improving Cultural Perceptions of Workers Compensation
Business Coach: Alexis Fielek

GE Healthcare
Project: Developing a Digital Marketing Campaign for New Products
Business Coach: Nalli Tuma

Moore Construction Services
Project: Creating the Ideal Customer Experience
Business Coaches: Mike Moore & Rachel Moore

Harley Davidson
Project: Attracting Young Adults to Choose Skilled Trade Careers
Business Coach: Randy Christianson

Medical College of Wisconsin
Project: Bringing the Best Scientific Innovations Into the Community to Improve Health Outcomes
Business Coach: Jessica Olson

Project: Investigate Our Sales Pipeline
Business Coach: Kate Weiland

Elmbrook School District
Project: iSummit Organization, Marketing & Execution
Business Coach: Tanya Fredrich

Aurora Healthcare
Project: Analyze Engagement Survey Results from Nursing Functions for Insights and Develop High Level Call to Action
Business Coach: Edwin Trouba

Project: Ensuring Your Loved Ones Get What They Need When They Need It
Business Coaches: Rachel Forseth & Angela Harmen

Steelcase/Forrer Business Interiors
Project: Creating Places to Learn, Work and Socialize
Business Coach: Jan Rechner

Pro Healthcare
Project: Data Mining and Primary Research to Drive Connections and Value
Business Coach: Pete Bacon

Project: Optimize Supply Chain and Freight Cost Optimization
Business Coach: Deep Singh

Project: Obtaining Personal Health Data to Fight Disease
Business Coach: Brian Studebaker

Project: Accurately Identify and Predict People At-Risk for Opioid Addiction
Business Coach: Brian Studebaker

Project: Attracting Potential Employees to Chick-fil-A and Keeping Them Employed
Business Coach: Jim Frasier