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Medical Advisory Board and Senior Leader Update (11/13)

This week, the Medical Advisory Board recommended a change from in-person learning to virtual learning for all students and staff on November 23 & 24. This recommendation was accepted by the Governance Team and communicated to staff and families on Thursday, November 12. The primary reason for this change is to limit contact tracing efforts over the Thanksgiving weekend. Over the past two weeks our contact tracing team has averaged 80-120 contacts per day.

In addition, at its next meeting on Tuesday, November 17, the Medical Advisory Board will consider strategies to mitigate community spread following the Thanksgiving Holiday. There is significant concern that family and friend gatherings could further accelerate the spread of the disease and place additional pressure on our healthcare system. One potential response could include an extension of virtual learning for some or all grades the week of November 30 - December 4. 

Burleigh Elementary fell below the attendance threshold set for its school (80%) and has transitioned to Temporary Virtual Learning until Monday, November 30. We have learned many things from other classroom and school transitions, and appreciate the extra effort by staff and students to make this change as smooth as possible. 

The disease data has worsened since Halloween weekend in the community and region. School transmission data remains low, but is of growing concern as the disease extends to all aspects of our school operations and school communities.