AVID Tutors

AVID tutorials are student-led discussions to help students find the answer to a question, problem, project, and any other school-work related point of confusion they may have. AVID tutorials are built into the AVID elective schedule and is a requirement of all AVID students. AVID tutors are employed by the district to direct and supervise these tutorial group sessions.  AVID tutors meet with student groups on a specified schedule, which is yet to be determined.

Tutors receive paid training in the AVID tutorial process and will be trained on how to facilitate tutorial groups, evaluate students’ tutorial questions, review Focused Note Taking, and overall make a positive contribution to the AVID classroom. Occasionally, tutors attend paid meetings with AVID teachers to receive feedback and plan for the future.

AVID tutors are adults who currently hold or who are pursuing a college degree. Interested candidates can apply through the Elmbrook website. Postings for tutor positions will become available in the Spring. This is an ideal role for a college student preparing to become a teacher.

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