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First Cross Country Meet is HUGE Success!
Cross Country Begins with

Congratulations to all the 6th through 8th grade boys and girls on a terrific first meet at Pilgrim Park on Wednesday.

The 6th and 7th grade boys took 1st place as a team with 11 teams competing. Both the 6th/7th and 8th grade teams took first place overall. 

For the boys:  Conrad Schmidt paced the Panthers with a first overall finish with over 200 runners in the race. Colton Evenson ran an outstanding race and finished in 2nd place.  Nicasio Fink was 6th, George Mattson was in 7th, Luke Enright 11th and Brendan Braley finished in 25th.

The 8th graders were led by Landon Drew with a 4th place overall finish. Chris Kosfeld was in 8th, David Anderson 13th, Charlie Dworak 20th, Mirron DeLuca 34th and Jake Fair finished in 56th.

The results for the girls: In the 6th/7th grade race, 6th grader Genevieve Welch took 6th place overall. Brooklyn Haugen came in 12th, Olivia Bern 19th, Sopis Lutz 21st, Sophia Shorts 24th and Chloe Kazaks 27th. 

In the 8th grade race Dylan Szesterniak came in first place overall. Isa Kolbe finished 4th, Elaina Majewski 7th, Hailey Gaeth 16th, Pietja Dusek 18th and Sophia Gaeth 22nd.

Great races everyone!  Good luck to all the runners next week!