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Lego Team World Competition Results Are In!!!
Lego League

Last weekend FIRST™ Lego League Team B.U.I.L.D. 44199 from Burleigh/PPMS competed at the Western Edge Invitational in Long Beach, CA!  Read about the big event here!

Team B.U.I.L.D. was one of two teams representing Wisconsin, competing against 85 teams from around the world at the event.  The team presented their interactive bowling sculpture, robot design strategy, and core values/outreach to a judging team at the event.  The team placed 22nd overall in the robot game (440pts) and came home with a gracious professionalism nod for their “Deeds for Daniel” outreach at the event, collecting 147 acts of kindness from teams and spectators to gift to Daniel Gives Back

The team would like to thank their friends and family for their support these past two extended seasons and congratulate their graduating team members – Aylin, Jonathan, Zander, Eythan, and Alexandra as they move onto high school!~~

Pictures: Team PPMS – Rising and Graduating PPMS Students (4 current 5th graders and 5 current 8th graders); IMG_6493 – Competition Floor; IMG_6458 – Team at their Pit; ReadyForJudging – Kids before they went into judging room

Ready for Judging