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Science Olympiad Team competed at Bellville Invitational
science olympiad

The Science Olympiad team competed at the Bellville Invitational this past Saturday. The following students medaled in their events:

Fossils 1st place Raghavan and Anshul

Disease Detectives 2nd place Krishiva

Meteorology 4th place Rohan

Optics 3rd place Anson and Vedh

Picture This 2nd place Kruthi and Rishitha

Reach for the Stars 2nd place Krishiva

Roller Coaster 4th place Vedh and Harish

Anatomy and Physiology  2nd place Adi and Hannah

Air Trajectory 1st place Anshul and Harish

Fast Facts 1st place Adi and Anson

Forestry 4th place Rag and Anshul

Wheeled Vehicle 3rd placed Rohan and Vedh

Tower 3rd place Prathik and Riyan

Amazing job to the whole Science Olympiad team who competed!

science olympiad group picture