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And the Medals Keep on Coming!

Once again, our forensics team turned in a number of incredible, solid performances this past Friday, Feb. 28th at Badger Middle School. This was a 2 round, power round meet, with top performers competing against other schools for only 1 first, second, and third-place medals for each category. 

Top performances were turned in by the following students:

1st place medals:

8th graders Lari Kons and Jacklyn Warbler: Group Acting

7th grader: Aniella Kovacic: Impromptu Speaking

6th grader: Callum Mayne: Moments in History

2nd place medals:

8th graders Angelo Rosa and Ben Saudek: News Reporting

8th grader Joshitha Senthil: Persuasive Speaking

8th graders Josi Matel and Alyssa Buczek: Special Events

7th graders Madi Hahn and Savannah Lieske: Infomercial

7th grader: Kyra Auchampach: Moments in History

6th grader: Anirudh Sribhasyam: Non-Original

3rd place medals:

8th graders Kate Weisman, Sarah Dressler, and Cai Winberg: Group Acting

7th grader Noah Ren: Impromptu Speaking

6th grader: Ethan Zhang: Serious Solo

6th grader: Hrishikesh Srivathsan: Demonstration

Power round performers who did not medal, but made it to the top of their category are as follows:

Diego Aranda Beyer, Suraksha Kodgi, Ashley Bongard, Abby Wick, Aditi Moorching, Shiv Muthupandiyan, Sahil Gupta, Zengtao Xing, Katie Leong, and Alden John.

Congrats to all students who performed! Please get your rubrics and ribbons from Mrs. Stewart in U-8 sometime today! Also, please remember to wear NO PILGRIM PARK SPIRIT WEAR at our meets. You are not supposed to advertise which school you are performing from, so nothing on your clothes can have the name, "Pilgrim Park" on it. 

If we want to continue to improve overall individually and aim for a team trophy at Wisconsin Hills Middle School this March 6th, we need to have NO infractions and very few red 2nd place ribbons! There are 2 rounds and a power round at this meet. So, please see a coach this week to continue improving your scores! Go PPMS forensics!