That's a Wrap!

4N6That's a Wrap: State Tournament Forensics Results

Congrats to all students that participated in the State Forensics Tournament this past Saturday, April 5th. Pilgrim Park had some stand out performers, and getting to the power rounds at the State Tournament is a HUGE accomplishment, meaning many student's performances on Saturday were in the top 5-10% of those in the entire state!!!!!!!4N6 8th Grade

Power round performances were given by the following students:

Weston VanLue and Violet Diderrich: Infomercial

Ashley Bongard: Infomercial

Sameer Bhatt: Informative

Anika Garg: Serious Solo Acting

Power round performances that resulted in placing 1st through 3rd in the entire state came from the following amazing students:

Abhinay Reddy: Moments in History: 3rd place

Ruba Ahmed: Serious Solo Acting: 3rd place

Emily Zhang and Grace O'Connell: Group Interpretation: 3rd place

Abby Malnar: Poetry: 3rd place

Joshitha Senthil: Persuasive: 2nd place

Akash Moorching: Informative: 1st place

Suraksha Kodgi: Infomercial: 1st place

Lari Kons and Jackie Warber: Group Acting: 1st place

Anant Jhaveri: Moments in History: 1st place

Karishma Santebennur: Moments in History: 1st place

Ridhi Mohan: Persuasive: 1st place

Each of these 1st-3rd place performers received a trophy and a medal. Power round participants received a medal. 

Please stay tuned to announcements and check your school email regarding an end of the year party for Forensics in the next month or so!

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication! We are very proud of all you have given this season! 

Your Forensics Coaches