Career Development and Future Planning

Counselors support students as they begin their journey of career development. Utilizing the career software WisCareers, students focus primarily on “Who Am I” in order to gain a better understanding of their strengths, personality, and interests. Connections between self-awareness and career awareness are made so as to allow students to eventually make educated decisions on their future career paths.

All PPMS students will have the opportunity to participate in lessons related to career development throughout their middle school years. The lessons aim to meet the following tasks.

PPMS Career Curriculum chart


6TH Grade – students will participate in a career unit while enrolled in their Choices and Wellness class. Upon completion of this unit, each student will meet with their counselor to review what they have learned about themselves and begin to make connections for how this impacts they success in school and their future. The unit includes the following lessons:

1. Self-Awareness

2. Personality Traits and Strengths

3. Career Clusters

4. Holland’s Code (Career personality)

5. Citizenship/Character Development

6. Careers in my Family

7. Coping with Challenges

7TH Grade – students will participate in a career unit while enrolled in their Choices and Wellness class. The unit includes the following lessons:

1. Future Planning, Career Trends, and Work Values

2. Future Planning – Cost of Living and Putting it all together

3. Coping with Stress

8TH Grade – students will participate in a career unit during their Language Arts and Social Studies classes. The unit includes the following lessons:

1. Career Planning

2. Middle School Performance Review

3. Post Secondary Training

5. High School Course Planning

6. Individual Learning Plan

The writing of the Individual Learning Plan is the culminating document in preparation for transition into high school and their futures beyond high school. It is a document that allows students to connect WHO AM I?, WHERE AM I GOING?, and HOW DO I GET THERE? by writing goals, identifying steps to achieving their goals, and exploring how to overcome perceived obstacles.


To accomplish some of these tasks, students will have a subscription to WisCareers, which is a career exploration software designed for students in Wisconsin. WisCareers accounts will be established with all students in 6th grade, and will be used sporadically throughout middle school to assist with the tasks above. WisCareers is accessible to all subscribers anywhere they have access to the internet. We encourage parents to explore the site with their children in order to be an active participant in the career development.

Wisconsin Careers, creator and developer of the world class web-based career information system called WISCareers, is located in the Center for Education and Work (CEW) within the highly ranked School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The easy to use, comprehensive website responds to the individual and encourages a self-directed and engaged approach to career development and job-seeking.

WISCareers Website Link

Career Pathways Link

WISCareers is designed to help youth and adults:

become aware of themselves and explore how their unique patterns of interests, skills and values can be applied in their career

become aware of the relevance of how their current educational experiences serve as the foundation for future career aspirations and life path

develop the job-seeking skills needed to acquire meaningful employment and make successful transitions into and throughout the world of work