Panther Time

panther studying

7:18 AM - 7:50 AM

PANTHER PURPOSE - Monday and Thursday
PANTHER EXCELLENCE - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday




Students will report to their assigned Panther Purpose Teacher. Lessons will be delivered during this time. 

  • Students will be assigned to a Panther Purpose teacher and will report to this teacher for learning every Monday and Thursday at 7:18am.
  • Students will receive instruction in the following approved curricular areas during this time:
    • Academic and Career Planning
    • Human Growth and Development
    • Digital Citizenship
  • Panther Purpose class sizes will be smaller than a typical class (less than 20), creating an environment conducive to connections and community. The teachers will work to create an area of support, comfort, engagement, and guidance for students. 
  • Panther Purpose teachers will engage students in conversations about their school experience, grades, involvement in activities, assessment scores, and support/monitor progress throughout their school experience. 
  • Panther Purpose teachers will provide students with instruction and support in executive functioning and organization.


Panther Purpose Focus: Academic and Career Planning

A program of instruction where we support the growth of students in academic and personal pursuits through Academic and Career Planning (ACP). The goal of ACP is to equip students with knowledge and experiences to help them identify their strengths and passions in order to make decisions for their future. This is achieved through: 

  • Valuable experiences for exploration, development, and engagement in career options.
  • Access to rigorous and relevant high school and college coursework to prepare students for college, vocational training, military, or employment.

Panther Purpose Focus: Human Growth and Development

A program of instruction that will enhance the efforts of the family to facilitate the development of positive student self-esteem, a sense of personal responsibility, and the ability of students to make rational and intelligent decisions. The information provided and the knowledge and skills acquired in this program will enable students to make decisions regarding their own attitudes and behavior that enhance the well-being of the individual, the family, and society.

Panther Purpose Focus: Digital Citizenship

Students today are surrounded by technology and use it every day to learn, collaborate, share, and play.  Digital Citizenship is about creating thoughtful, empathetic citizens who know what is right and wrong, exhibit intelligent technology behavior, and make good choices when online.  The focus of our digital citizenship learning is intended to empower our learners to recognize the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of living, learning and working in an interconnected digital world so that they can act and model in ways that are safe, legal and ethical.


WHAT IS PANTHER EXCELLENCE TIME? (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)

Excellence Time in the Pilgrim Park schedule offers a period at the beginning of the day that students can use to best meet their individual needs. Panther Excellence will prepare them to navigate and utilize this time effectively to enhance their learning. This time mirrors the Excellence Period structure at Brookfield East, preparing them for success at the next level. Options will include: 

  • Visiting a class/teacher to seek help with challenges, expand on interests, or extend their learning.
  • Collaborating with teachers, counselors, other school staff and students on assignments, projects, etc.
  • Attending club meetings (select clubs may be approved to meet during this time. These meetings will be scheduled as needed by advisors.)


Excellence Time was created in response to feedback that additional time is needed to support individual student needs.

Benefits of Excellence Time:

  • Creates time in the school day to meet with teachers or get extra help.
  • Allows built in time for students to complete make up work or assessments after absences.
  • Provides timely targeted intervention and/or enrichment for students giving them what they need when they need it.
  • Supports individual needs of students for self-guided or collaborative study.
  • Students learn how to manage their time, advocate for their learning and interests, and become more independent.


  • A program called Edficiency will be used for scheduling Excellence Time. Students can request to see specific teachers, and teachers can also request specific students. A teacher request for a student will be honored over a student request.
  • If students do not make a request for a classroom or they are not requested by a teacher, they will be assigned a location for the Excellence Time.
  • While most of the time students will have the choice of where to go, there will be times they will be required to attend a specific school presentation or do specific school related work (e.g. grade level or school assembly, make up MAP testing, etc.)