Personal and Social Development

School counselors support the emotional needs of students as they endure the drastic social, physical, and personal changes that are characteristic of adolescence. This includes education in topics related to bully and violence prevention, suicide prevention, acceptance and diversity, conflict resolution, and decision making. Counselors are available in times of crisis, liaisons to community resources, and advocates for students’ emotional well being as they try to maintain success in school. Counselors also support the emotional needs of students during transition, including those new to the district.

Understanding and Coping With Emotions-


Middle school is a time where students experience new found independence. As a result, they have more opportunities to make decisions and hopefully take personal responsibility for the decisions they make. Decisions are often based on one’s values, which are the foundation for one’s character. Every good decision is practice for future decisions. At PPMS, we teach our students how to make effective decisions using the following Decision Making Model (to view model click here).

Conflict Resolution-

Conflict resolution skills are helpful in ensuring a respectful and safe community. The way that students respond to conflict directly impacts future conflicts. The Conflict Cycle below shows how the way in which we manage conflict is part of a cycle. Assertive responses have better results than passive or aggressive responses (to view model click here).

Web Resources:

For a list of web resources to learn more about common issues in middle school, click here.