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English Language Learners

The School District of Elmbrook strives to serve a student population that natively speaks over 30 languages other than English using a content-based, inclusionary approach as its primary delivery model. Our teachers use a wide variety of research-based and best practices to identify and teach ELL students which includes placement guidelines, delivery support, and progress monitoring. Our ELL teaching staff utilize a wide-range of support strategies and during the past two years the ELL team has worked to increase the strategies available to the regular education teacher so ELL students have the highest access to the regular education classroom.

Additional Information:
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District: Emily Greiber
Brookfield Central High School: Rhea Hill
Brookfield East High School: Rhea Hill
Pilgrim Park Middle School: Elizabeth DeGuire
Wisconsin Hills Middle School: Patty Quereshi
Brookfield Elementary School: Maggie Knachel
Burleigh Elementary School: Pam Nordquist
Dixon Elementary School: Brynn Rohde
Swanson Elementary School:
Mary Beth Bauer , Niki Nestoras & Jamie Rebholz
Tonawanda Elementary School:
Brynn Rohde