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Project STRIVE

Project STRIVE (Specialized Transition Recreation Independent Living & Vocational Experiences) is an adult transition service for 19-21 year-old young adults in the School District of Elmbrook with intellectual disabilities and/or autism. The program focuses solely on transition goals and priorities to further develop independent living skills, social communication, vocational abilities, and recreational activities. Project STRIVE will work with various outside agencies, such as the Department of Health Services, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, local transportation agencies, and community businesses. Project STRIVE will coordinate training from an apartment within the community.

Admission Criteria - Determined by IEP Team

  1. Independent Self-Care Skills: Ability to take care of personal hygiene with minimal assistance
  2. Community Safety: Ability to follow directions and exhibit safe behavior.
  3. Socialization: Ability to interact with adults and peers in all environments: the apartment, community and a vocational setting
  4. Completed high school graduation on requirements and must be 19 to enter Project STRIVE (start dates September 1 or first day of second semester)
  5. Vocational skills: Eligible for services through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) or open to volunteering in the community
  6. Independent Living Skills: Ability to participate with moderate adult supervision and assistance
  7. Family Participation: Families/Guardians expected to participate in meeting upon request, possible fundraising efforts and reciprocate communication as requested
  8. Families and students will tour and STRIVE instructors or District Transition Coordinator will be involved in IEP meeting discussions to determine eligibility


  • Open to students entering STRIVE during the next school year or who are currently in STRIVE.
  • Aligns with Elmbrook Summer School dates (typically 5 weeks for 4 hours a day)
  • District transportation will not be provided to and from Summer STRIVE

Opportunities to Support Project STRIVE

Project STRIVE is funded mostly through the School District of Elmbrook; however, we are continually amazed with the community support of our biennial fundraiser, The Taste of Elegance, which occurs the first Friday in November with the most recent occurring in 2017.

Through generous donations by local organizations and individuals over the years, we have raised money to purchase a handicapped accessible van, pay a portion of the apartment rent, utilities, and for recreational activities and other supports needed for our students.

We are always open to any donations, monetary or otherwise, and welcome any local businesses who would be willing to open their doors to provide work or volunteer experiences for our students.

Thank you to those who have donated to us in the past!! We are humbled by your generosity and support.

Please contact Ali Yenter or Megan Rindal for further information.

Further Information Contact:

Ali Yenter
Project STRIVE Lead Instructor

Megan Rindal
Transition Coordinator

Tanya Fredrich, Ph.D.
Director of Student Services
262.781.3030 x1188

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