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Project STRIVE (Specialized Transition Recreation Independent Living & Vocational Experiences) is an adult transition service for 19-21 year-old young adults in the School District of Elmbrook with intellectual disabilities and/or autism. The program focuses solely on transition goals and priorities to further develop independent living skills, social communication, vocational abilities, and recreational activities. Project STRIVE will work with various outside agencies, such as the Department of Health Services, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, local transportation agencies, and community businesses. Project STRIVE will coordinate training from an apartment within the community.

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Ali Yenter
Project STRIVE Lead Instructor

Megan Rindal
Transition Coordinator

Tanya Fredrich, Ph.D.
Director of Student Services
262.781.3030 x1188

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Project Strive takes place at the Brookfield Hills apartment, this is so our students can have real world experience. 

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