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Resources for Families and Students with Special Needs

Resources by Support Level

Below are resources for families in Special Education organized by type and needed support level. Please click the tabs below for more resources. Additional resources are available on the following pages: Special Education & SEEN.

Defining Support Levels

High Support: Suggested for families of individuals significantly impacted by developmental and/or intellectual disabilities, or those with complex medical needs.
Moderate Support: Suggested for families of individuals that may need some supports to live independently and may require more than the traditional accommodations and supports to access post-secondary education and/or work.
Basic Support: Suggested for families of individuals who will be able to live independently, attend post-secondary education, and/or work in the community with accommodations.
Universal Support: Suggested for all families of individuals regardless of specific needs.


Adult Long-Term Care

Funding resources for those individuals with disabilities over the age of 18 who qualify for social security benefits

Day Services

Programs for people with disabilities who require supervision and guidance throughout their day and benefit from a set routine and programming

District Transition Opportunities

Programs and services offered to students to assist in exploring and getting closer to meeting their post-secondary goals

Family Support / Advocacy

Agencies that support families by providing advocates, information and connections to community support

Guardianship / Supported Decision-Making

Options and Information on supports for individuals who still require some level of legal oversight related to decision-making as they turn 18 years-old

Independent Living

Agencies for exploring and accessing resources to support individuals with disabilities to live as independently as possible outside of the family home

Post-Secondary Education Opportunities / Institutions

This includes disability resources and supports at traditional colleges, universities, along with programs for students with intellectual disabilities

Social / Recreational Opportunities

Options for community integrated activities to connect with others; outside of day service programming


Options for individuals with disabilities & Driver's Education Support

Vocational Services

Funding sources and agencies that support individuals in competitive integrated settings