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The 2022 spring season of Swanson's running club finished strong!  These kids had a great time and learned about sprint vs distance relays, goose runs, different drills to complete to prevent injury, stretching – while doing all of this, they also learned about teamwork. They all competed in short distance sprints as well. Through these, we learned that they all love to compete.

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On Thursday, May 12, at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts, Swanson Elementary students in kindergarten through 4th grade told Circle of Friends guests about mindful strategies that can help decrease stress and anxiety, increase optimism and build resilience and compassion.

Monday  Morning Mindfulness Kids

They handed out kindness coins and explained how they use glitter jars & gratitude journals. Another fun technique they explained is how to use "breathing buddies" to help them pay attention to their breath.

Watch for Monday Morning Mindfulness Club sign-up next September!

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