School Directory

Membership Toolkit is an online school directory tool used by each school in our district.

To annually opt-in and join the directory, District parents receive invitations via email to verify their information and access the directory from the Membership Toolkit software during the summer, or can login to their account at any point to reverify and update their information.

If you are newly enrolled in the District and/or have not yet joined your school’s directory, please register at:

For any additional questions, please contact your school's PTO or Eric Hagen, Communications Assistant, at

If you have students in multiple schools, you can find the link to each school's Directory page here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a directory?

A directory is a source of contact information that each family provides for their household in order to help connect with other families in your student’s class, grade, and school. Directories serve as a social networking medium, allowing communication between families and supporting our students outside the school day.

Why is a directory important?

Directories have been used as a prime source for connecting with other households in your child’s classroom, grade level, and school for years. Directories can be used in a number of ways from recruiting school volunteers to helping plan and execute extracurricular activities and events. The PTO will also be using Membership Toolkit as a direct communication tool for families to notify of volunteer opportunities, fundraising activities, and promoting social events.

What is Membership Toolkit?

Membership Toolkit is an online directory website (and mobile app) that offers a number of tools including family lookup and volunteer management with an easy-to-use interface. Our previous directory, MySchoolAnywhere, completed a merge with Membership Toolkit during the summer of 2019.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you have not yet registered or received an email from your school’s directory, you can register at

Families are in control of what information is provided and this information can be changed, deleted or added to at any time. Family contact information and any corresponding changes to information in Membership Toolkit will not be reflected in Infinite Campus unless it is also shared with a school secretary.

Families will be prompted via email to reverify their information each school year or can reverify by logging in.

What Do I Do If I Have Students At Multiple Schools?

Since Membership Toolkit is school-based and not district-based, each school has a separate directory. If you have students at multiple schools, you will need to register at each school your children attend respectively. Once you are registered with each school, you will be granted access to them by your school's PTO.

Access the District's Directory landing page here.


All directories are opt-in and are maintained by the school's PTO in association with the District. The School District of Elmbrook respects family privacy and directories are to be used for personal matters only, they cannot be used to collect information or distribute mass mailings.