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The Swanson Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization supports the staff and students through a number of activities, programs and fundraisers. The objectives of the Swanson PTO are to connect home and school so teachers and parents work together to provide the best educational experience to our children.

The Swanson PTO has three primary goals:

  1. To enrich and enhance student learning beyond what is provided by the district. Proceeds from fundraising events are employed to directly impact the educational experience for Swanson students. The PTO provides funding for classroom technology and materials, playground structures and equipment, arts and cultural events, and much more.
  2. To build and maintain relationships between the school, families, and the greater community. In addition to fostering communication between staff and parents, the PTO sponsors a variety of social activities and programs for the Swanson community throughout the year.
  3. To recruit and organize parent volunteers, both for the school and for PTO events. Volunteering through the PTO is a great way to meet new people, share your talents, and give back to your child’s school. A wide range of opportunities of varying time commitments is available year-round.


PTO welcomes all parents/guardians to find a way to get involved next year!

To prepare for next year, we are seeking individuals interested in leading an event as a committee chair.  A Committee Chair would form a team of parents to help plan, organize, and execute a specific event.  Take a look at the many events we have planned for the 24/25 school year to see if there is one you would like to lead. 


If you want to lead an event, fill out the interest form by April 26th.





Swansonfest Presenters Needed

It is that time of the year when we begin to plan for Swansonfest! For those who are new, Swansonfest is our annual high-interest day! This fun-filled day is always a highlight for the students, but in order to make it a success we need your help!

Parent-led classes are always a huge hit! Would you be willing to volunteer your time and talents to teach a SwansonFest class this year? Are you an Engineer, Dentist, Scientist, Doctor, Nurse, Police Officer, Chef, Meteorologist, in Advertising? Do you speak another language, have a cultural tradition to share or know sign language? Can you do Henna, crafting, origami, tye die, scrapbooking, or STEM? We would LOVE to hear your ideas!!!

SwansonFest will be on Friday, May 24th from 9 am-3 pm. Our organization is a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, so any costs you incur for your class (materials, etc.) would be fully tax-deductible. You are more than welcome to promote your organization by distributing flyers, samples, coupons, or business cards. *This would be a great opportunity for you to introduce your Summer Programs!

If you would be willing to teach; we would love to have your class offered! We are happy to work with you on the details. We'll have five sessions of fifty minutes each, starting at 9 am, 10 am, 11 am, 1 pm, and 2 pm. Teach in the morning, afternoon, or all day. There's a lunch break from 11:50 to 1 pm - lunch is provided. Please let me know if you are interested in volunteering. You can email me at harwoodc23@yahoo.com.

Thank You,

Christen Harwood