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Three Swanson spellers competed in the District Bee last night.  The winners included 5th grader Krishna Karody (#7/center) from Mrs. Lewcock's class!  He made it to the final 6 out of 21 participants qualifying him for the Regionals which will be held in Pewaukee next month.  The challenge word that he got incorrectly was 'stodgy'.

Spelling Bee Swanson kids

Congratulations, Krishna and all our Swanson Finalists!  Thanks to AJ Karun and Sarah Morales for leading our Spelling Bee Club!

Spelling Bee large group

On Thursday, January 17th, 21 students from the five elementary schools, Pilgrim Park, and Wisconsin Hills participated in the District Spelling Bee.

After 21 rounds, the top district speller was:  

Keshav Karun, a 6th grader from Wisconsin Hills Middle School (and former Swanson Eagle)!!!  

Congratulations also to:

  • 5th grader Prisha from Burleigh Elementary
  • 5th grader Krishna Karody from Swanson Elementary
  • 5th grader Jack from Tonawanda Elementary
  • 5th grader Rishani from Burleigh Elementary
  • 8th grader Nolan from Pilgrim Park Middle School