Nothing Stops Hands-on Learning at Elmbrook!

Last Thursday, Loralei Ritchie and Jack Sedlacek presented at the Circle of Friends events about the virtual science experiments that they participated in this school year.  Being virtual did not stop them from participating in hands-on live science experiments.  Every other week we had local engineers demonstrate a science experiment while the kids followed along and participated at home.    Loralei and Jack shared their knowledge about these different science experiments they participated in and even facilitated an actual experiment with everyone in attendance at the event.  

Additional information: 

  • This year we offered different science experiments and events to hundreds of elementary students in the district virtually.
  • All virtual third graders in the district were able to participate in 3 LIVE science experiments, per quarter (a total of 12), hosted by various engineers from SPX Transformers, FedEX and Northwestern Mutual.

Virtual Science Events this School Year:

  • Bi-weekly experiments - 12 total events. 140 students per event across Elmbrook elementary schools
  • Winter Dolphin Day - 120 third graders at Burleigh
  • Spring into STEM - 200 K-5th grade students at Burleigh
  • Disney STEM Extravaganza - 200 K-5th grade students at Burleigh

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