Swanson Elementary Recognized for its Support of G9

students and Green Bay Packer Blake MartinezOn May 10, Swanson Elementary students were recognized for their support of the Gold in September (G9) Penny Wars, a national effort to raise awareness and support for childhood cancer research. Students were visited by G9 representatives, as well as Green Bay Packer Blake Martinez (#50) and Ronald McDonald, mascot of G9 Sponsor McDonald's, as a thank you for raising over$4,000!

Ronald McDonald spoke with students about the importance of their donations and Martinez shared his personal connections to childhood cancer, thanking the students for all they have done to raise money for the cause. Following the assembly, Martinez took group photos and visited each classroom. In addition to the surprise guests, the Swanson Elementary student body will be featured on McDonald's placemats for the coming year.

The G9 Penny Wars is a week-long program that creates friendly competition between schools, grade levels, classrooms, and clubs or teams to inspire youth leadership, promote social entrepreneurship, teach philanthropy, and raise funds for a good cause. This is the second consecutive year that Swanson Elementary has raised the most money for the G9 Penny War!

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