The 2020-2021 All District Read will begin in February of 2021. We ask that each family fill out the Google form once for their family with their choice of book or if you wish to not participate. We would like to have total numbers collected by October 30th in order to place our order with the publishers. Thanks to our PTOs for the purchase of the books for families!

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Please consider sending an extra outfit to school for your student to leave in their locker.  The health room cannot provide replacement clothing this year.  Children in all grades sometimes get wet or muddy at recess and need a change of clothing.  

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The 2020-21 school year continues to have its share of nuances.  With all of the changes that have been implemented this year, feedback to students and their families regarding progress and achievement continues to be an important component of the educational experience.  Conferences are just one way that we communicate this information with families.  This year all of our conferences will be held virtually. Please watch for a communication from your child's classroom teacher with their conference schedule and instructions for how to sign up. 

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SwansonFest 2020

We are excited to share Virtual Swansonfest with all of you! What is great about this opportunity is that you have the chance to participate in over 60 different sessions! Most of the sessions need limited supplies and the ones that do need things are easy to get!  Another benefit of the Virtual Swansonfest is that the slidedeck will stay active even after May 29. Most of the sessions have videos available to watch, so you have the chance to come back to it and try any of the activities as often as you would like.

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