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Fastbridge features both reading and math assessments that educators can use to universally screen students and then monitor their progress in both reading and math. Computer Adaptive Tests are utilized as universal screeners to help identify areas where additional instruction may be needed at the individual, class, grade, or district level. Fastbridge also uses Curriculum-Based Measures (CBMs) for progress monitoring focused on specific skills within reading and math that are sensitive to small amounts of growth. Because of this, Fastbridge enables a unique opportunity to provide staff with research-based universal screening tools and effective progress monitoring tools within the same program.

Elmbrook students in Kindergarten and 1st grade complete the earlyReading assessment. Students in grades 3rd-5th engage in the math automaticity assessment (Auto L3)  Both of these assessments are administered in the fall, winter and spring and are used to monitor student achievement and growth as well as to inform instructional next steps.