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College, Career & Life Readiness

WHY? Why is college and career readiness important for every Elmbrook student?
Plainly, students must possess and utilize essential academic knowledge and skills to navigate the world of higher education and the world of work, as well as critical personal and professional skills, dispositions and behaviors in order to transition successfully to future education, work, and civic life.

What is meant by college and career readiness? What are some definitions?
Dr. David T. Conley, PhD, Professor at the University of Oregon as well as CEO - Educational Policy Improvement Center, provides the following insight and guidance:

“Conley, 2007, 2010:
The level of preparation a student needs in order to enroll and succeed—without remediation—in a credit-bearing course at a postsecondary institution that offers a baccalaureate degree or transfer to a baccalaureate program, or in a high‐quality certificate program that enables students to enter a career pathway with potential future advancement.

Succeed is defined as completing the entry‐level courses or core certificate courses at a level of understanding and proficiency that makes it possible for the student to consider taking the next course in the sequence or the next level of course in the subject area or of completing the certificate.

ACT, 2008:
The level of achievement a student needs to be ready to enroll and succeed—without remediation—in credit- bearing first‐year postsecondary courses. And by postsecondary we mean primarily two‐year or four‐year institutions, trade schools, and technical schools. Today, however, workplace readiness demands the same level of knowledge and skills as college readiness.

Different types of Readiness:
  • Work ready = Meets basic expectations regarding workplace behavior and demeanor
  • Job ready = Possesses specific training necessary to begin an entry‐level position
  • Career ready = Possesses key content knowledge and key learning skills and techniques sufficient to begin studies in a career pathway
  • College ready = Is prepared in the four keys [content knowledge, cognitive strategies, learning skills and techniques, and transitional knowledge and skills (see visual below)] to college and career readiness necessary to succeed in entry level general education courses”

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Four Keys College Career.png

Who must be purposefully engaged to help ensure our students are college and career ready?
School District of Elmbrook (SDE) staff, parents/guardians, business/industry and educational partners, and students all have integral roles to ensure college and career readiness. The SDE is fully committed to developing robust partnerships and leveraging internal and external resources in order to support our students as they plan and prepare for more learning to become career- and life-prepared.

Comments? Questions?
Please do not hesitate to contact your student’s respective school counselor or Amie Farley, Director of College, Career & Life Readiness, at farleyam@elmbrookschools.org or 262.781.3030 ext., 1111.