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Student Career Opportunities

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A career journey can be influenced by a variety of experiences gathered throughout time. Students may have volunteer or job experiences that provide additional insights into passion, mission, profession, and vocation. The opportunity to gain experience outside of a traditional classroom will help students to build skills and make clearer choices on their career, college, and life journey.

Employment and Career Development Postings


Career opportunities are posted in PathwaysOS (https://pathwayos.com/) and available for students to search the many experiences to engage in career exploration through:

  • Summer and Part-time employment
  • Job shadow
  • Mentorship
  • Career speakers

Students can log into PathwaysOS on their myElmbrook Links page. Additional support for navigating PathwaysOS can be found HERE. Students can also log service hours in PathwaysOS.

Students can work during the school day and earn credit through these Elmbrook Programs:

Career Employment Opportunity (CEO)

Students gain quality employability skills and have work release from school. Students will need to work a minimum of paid 20 hours per week and can enroll in the course in multiple terms. Students will reflect upon real-world work connections to the content and experience career-relevant workshops.  Add CEO to your Infinite Campus course planner (Course ID 2301).

Additional optional certificate opportunities within CEO:

Youth Leadership Certificate

The Youth Leadership Certificate Program recognizes a students' mastery and demonstration of leadership skills valued by employers, communities and organizations.  The certificate is awarded by the State of Wisconsin. This certificate is available in any career area.

  • 90 hours accumulated over the course of high school
  • Paid wages are not required


Employability Skills Certificate

Employability Skills Certificate Program recognizes students' master of employability skills valued by employers in a variety of worksite settings while helping students explore career interests. The certificate is awarded by the State of Wisconsin. This certificate is available in any career area.

  • 90 hours accumulated over the course of high school
  • Paid wages are required


Wisconsin Co-Op Certificate

The State of WI Co-op Program certificate if the following is completed:

  • Complete the competencies on the student portfolio checklist
  • Complete two semesters of related classroom instruction integrating employability skills
  • Paid work experience under the supervision of a workplace mentor (minimum of 480 hours total)
  • Successful completion of 90% of the competencies as outlined on the applicable student portfolio checklist.

Co-op is currently available in the area of (co-op is not required in CEO):

  • Business
  • IT
  • Marketing

Youth Apprenticeship

Youth Apprenticeship allows employers to hire high school juniors and seniors for a one or two-year apprenticeship. During the apprenticeship, the student continues toward high school graduation and takes courses related to the profession as a way of enhancing what is being learned on the job. Students work 450 hours during one school year and can be released from school hours to work. Students are required to be enrolled in related curriculum courses and complete skills checklists. 

Youth Apprenticeship Program Areas
You can add these selections to your Academic Planner in Infinite Campus!

  • Architecture & Construction (Course 2303C)
  • Art, A/V Technology & Communications (2303A)
  • Business/Finance/Marketing (2303B)
  • Information Technology (2303IT)
  • STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (2303S)
  • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics (2303T)

Additional Career Areas Available Upon Request:

  • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
  • Health Science
  • Hospitality, Lodging & Tourism
  • Manufacturing


Mentorship allows students to work with an employer/mentor within a specific career path in order to explore the industry, gain some valuable experiences, and continue to build a network for future experiences. These experiences can be paid or unpaid. Students earning 40 hours can earn .5 credits.

Sample agreement form 

More information on the Mentorship Program can be found HERE.

How to get an Internship