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Early College Credit Program


  • The Early College Credit Program  (ECCP) allows a student in grades 9 - 12 to apply to enroll in a UW System institution, or a private, nonprofit institution of higher education (IHE), to take one or more nonsectarian courses, for which the student may earn post-secondary credit, or both high school and post-secondary credit
  • A student can participate during fall, spring, and/or summer
  • If participating in ECCP, can not participate in Start College Now (technical college) at same time
  • Students can attain up to 18 college credits through ECCP
  • District does not pay for a “comparable” course offered or if it doesn’t meet a graduation requirement
  • Application deadline dates: March 1 (for summer/fall semester) and Oct. 1 (for spring semester)
  • Costs of courses are paid by the School District of Elmbrook (as well as the institution and the state of Wisconsin).
  • If student fails the course or withdraws/drops, District requires the student/family to pay.
  • Transportation: responsibility of student / parent

District Contacts

Mrs. Amie Farley
Director of College, Career, & Life Readiness
262.781.3030 x11111

Nicole Cadkin
Administrative Assistant to Teaching and Learning
262.781.3030 x11109