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ECCP - Steps to Take After Board Approval

Students will be notified when the School Board has reviewed and approved Early College Credit course requests. Students will receive their board approvals via email before March 20th for Fall/Summer courses or Oct 20th for Spring courses. When courses are not approved, it means:

  • We offer a comparable course on the Elmbrook campus. 
  • You may not meet a pre-requisite for the course. For example, a student requested a graduate-level course.

Here are the steps students need to take to complete the application and enroll in the course(s):

Important Notes

Summer applicants: 

  • Be mindful of the start date of their college course. Students will need to be in the highest academic standings and proactively work with their high school instructors about any absences that may occur at the end of the high school academic year. 
  • Summer applicants also need to be aware that AP scores are not released until July. Colleges typically will not admit high school students for courses that have required pre-requisite courses without the AP score. 

Fall and Spring applicants: 

  • Be aware of the calendar dates of the colleges to which they are applying. The college calendar may begin in August or January and typically does not align with high school days off. Students must attend their college courses even if high school has a scheduled day off. The Spring break between college and high school rarely aligns.
  • Students are NOT to schedule courses at the same time as other courses in high school. Only register for courses that allow you to travel, park, and enter your classes on both campuses on time. Students can drop their high school courses not needed for graduation in order to make room for college courses. 

All students:

  • If you requested both Start College Now AND Early College Credit you must choose one or the other. You can not be enrolled in both. (not including CNA)
  • Students can not take more than 18 credits. Students who requested more than 18 credits can not officially enroll in courses beyond this amount within their high school career.