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Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Overarching Themes of MTSS/RTI (NASDSE, 2008)

1: High Quality, Evidence Based instruction and Intervention

2: Decisions will be based on learning rate and level of performance according to reliable and valid data
3: High stakes decisions will be made with the use of reliable and valid data assessments

Problem Solving and Planning Process:
1. Problem Identification
2. Problem Analysis
3. Plan Development
4. Plan Evaluation
Transition to Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS)

This year, many have heard the acronym MTSS rather than RTI. The change reflects the objective of varying the intensity of services for students based on the intensity of need. Some of our students may require multiple levels of support rather than a singular ‘intervention’. MTSS provides a better description of a framework that is dynamic and allows a better fit by need for our students. MTSS also allows for an integration of academic and behavioral support rather than one area of the other. Through analysis of assessment data, services can be efficiently and effectively allocated.

Information adapted from Florida’s Multi-Tier System of Support
Questions? Call or email Jill McDonald, MTSS Coordinator
262-781-3030 ext 1118