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Social Studies Resources: Elementary

Please view the overview video below prior to navigating to the resources

Elmbrook staff has been engaged in our curriculum alignment process for elementary social studies following School Board Policy 6140 Curriculum which began in the fall of 2020.  Revised social studies curricular documents were approved by the Board of Education at the December 14th Board meeting.  (see curriculum here - curricular documents identify which standards and key content are taught in each unit).  Elmbrook staff has identified Inquiry Journeys as our recommended resource for elementary social studies instruction to support delivery of the Board approved curriculum. School Board Policy 6156.2 Educational Programs, Instruction and Materials and School Board Practice Statement 6156.2 include the requirement that the District provide opportunities for parent input.  Input is an important component in determining which resources are the best fit for our Elmbrook students.  We appreciate your time and attention to this process.


Inquiry Journeys is a digital TEACHER resource. Online viewing of Inquiry Journeys will be available for public access May 13th through May 19th. Materials in this resource are copywritten, resulting in a one-week window for review from the publisher. 

Explore INquiry Journeys at District Office

We will also host two sessions for any Elmbrook families to explore Inquiry Journeys at the District Office.  These sessions will be hosted on Wednesday, May 18th from 5:30-7:00pm and Thursday, May 19th from 10:30am-12pm.

Inquiry Journeys is a digital resource that only teachers have access to.  What you are being asked to review are the materials teachers access.  Inquiry Journeys customizes the platform for teachers to reflect district guidance.  There are resources and lessons that are part of Inquiry Journeys that we would not be utilizing in Elmbrook if it is adopted. With printed textbooks there are materials that we do not use as well.  With this digital resource, Elmbrook will be able to customize the resource so that there are notes regarding lessons and materials that will not be used. For your reference, the visual below provides an example of what the district guidance will look like.  Where the resource platform indicates “District Implementation Guidance” there will be notes with lessons and resources that are not being utilized.  Digital resources that we would not use have been blocked from our district server as an additional step to support our teachers in Elmbrook’s implementation. 

Example View of Customizable TEACHER Resource
inquiry journeys example
Family Input

After reviewing the resource, paying close attention to the materials Elmbrook intends to utilize and the Elmbrook priority standards with which these units are aligned, we welcome Elmbrook family input. Please note that the prompts in this family input collection form are derived from our BOE Policy 6156.2 that governs the selection of primary resources aligned to approved district curriculum.

Disclaimer: This form and its submissions are property of the School District of Elmbrook and may constitute a public record under Wisconsin Law and be subject to public disclosure.

Standards & Resources Explanation

As is true across all content areas, our classroom instruction is aligned with our Board approved curriculum documents, which are available on our district website.  Primary resources (external curricular materials) are not used in entirety in Elmbrook.  We review the prioritized resource to determine which components align with our approved curriculum, and leverage those components for instruction.  

The standards with which our approved social studies curricular documents are aligned are the WI State Social Studies Standards. Our prioritized standards as they align to the units within Inquiry Journeys is provided for context of how these standards are addressed across grade level bands (K-2 and 3-5).