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Credits and Refunds

In response to the mandated Virtual Learning for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year, Elmbrook Schools will be issuing credits or refunds to student accounts for the following 2019-20 fees listed below:

  • Cancelled Field Trips
  • Parking Fees, prorated (from 3/16-6/11/20)
  • Spring Athletic User Fees, if applicable based on max athletic fees
  • Music/Drama Spring Play User Fee, if applicable
  • Cancelled Events

Student Activity Refunds - Clubs/Sports: These will be refunded by check to the families and are for trip and event cancellation only.

For Students Returning in 2020-21:
Credit balances (surplus) will be applied against 2019-20 outstanding fees, and any remaining surplus balances will be applied against 2020-21 Registration and user fees.

For Seniors and Withdrawing Students:
Student accounts with credit balances after laptops, textbooks and uniforms are returned will receive a refund via original payment method through MyPaymentsPlus or will be issued a check. These refunds will be processed by the end of June 2020.

Student Balances
Student balances can be viewed after May 10 by logging into Infinite Campus and looking under the Fees Tab. 
Credit balances cannot be viewed in MyPaymentsPlus.