"I would like to honor Diogo Trevizan, a 6th grader at WHMS.  Diogo is new to our district
and new MMA Winnerto our area. He has gone above and beyond to embrace our culture and excel in school. More importantly, Diogo goes out of his way to make sure each day is positive to all who cross his path. Diogo's passion for school and humanity is infectious.  Congratulations Diogo for your outstanding efforts." -- Don Radomski

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"When I started Middle School I had Mr. Radomski as my 6th grade teacher. Coming into a
new school is always hard, but he made sure that my transition was smooth and easy. Whenever I was in his class I always felt that I had all the resources that I needed in order
to be successful. He always helped me achieve all my goals and he made sure that I felt welcome. He is not just a great teacher but genuinely a nice person and therefore I am nominating Mr. Radomski for the Martino Merit Award!" -- Sarah Elghannam

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"Last year, I got to know Sarah Elghannam as more than a student in one of my math
classes. Sarah and a few friends Elghannam MMAenjoyed escaping the chaos of the cafeteria by
eating lunch in my classroom.  Throughout the year, I noticed how Sarah consistently
showed compassion, integrity, and kindness. She has a very confident sense of what is
right and wrong and was never afraid to hold true to her beliefs.  She executed this with
grace and respect. Sarah is always helpful to other students and encourages them
to succeed.

Sarah puts forth 110% effort not only in school but in life in general, and because of this
I am nominating her for the Robyn Martino Award." -- Jean Nigel

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