Beginning on Monday, March 16 - Friday, March 20, all Elmbrook Schools will move to virtual learning and no students will report to school.

On Thursday, March 12 Governor Evers declared a Public Health Emergency for the State of Wisconsin and called upon the people of Wisconsin to work aggressively to slow the spread of COVID-19. We take this responsibility seriously, as we consider the impact of our decisions on students and their learning, our families and staff and their personal and professional responsibilities, and the greater Elmbrook Community. As we learn from others' experiences with COVID-19 both across the country and around the world, we want to answer one question with confidence; 'Are we doing all that we can to keep our students, staff members, and community safe?'

To view the communication sent home to District families and staff please visit the Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage here.

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“Since 6th grade, Serene has been a hard worker, produces quality work,      
and goes above and beyond her teachers’ expectations.  She is always
caring, respectful, and considerate to her peers and leads by example.                                            
Serene is a wonderful student, however, she is also an excellent athlete
in her own right. I have watched her grow as a student and an athlete
and I am very proud of all that she has accomplished. Likewise, I am
excited for the bright future that lies ahead of her. I and many others
believe in you and will support you in achieving your goals and dreams. 
Congratulations Serene Forney, you are the recipient of the Martino
Merit Award. “-- Sincerely, Huel Sanders

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“Mr. Sanders always pushed me to do my best when I stepped foot in his class.
He helps me when I am down and I can go to him for if I ever have any problem.
When searching for the word “Merit” in a dictionary you will find that the
definition is: the quality of being particularly good or worthy. Mr.Sanders always
lives up to this and wants all of his students to live up to this which is why
he deserves this award.”--Uche Okoro

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"This student's name means "intention - will - mind - or sense."  This   U.Okoro MMA
student embodies each of these qualities. Since 6th grade - he has had a sense
to work hard and do what is right.  His intentions towards others have always been
positive and mindful. Despite having gone through difficult times in his life - he
has remained steadfast about being a good student and an even greater person. 
I know his family is proud of him - as am I. Uche Okoro - this is only one of
many recognitions you will receive in your lifetime. Congratulations. "
Sincerely - Mrs. Dentice

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"Everyday of sixth grade, I was self-conscious and scared of what my peers thought
of me,    Tammy D MMA
and I worried if I would ever be able to call any of my classmates a friend, but Mrs. Dentice
pushed me when I was scared, and that little push helped me become more than my
doubts and fears. Mrs. Dentice’s honesty and affection created a bond in all of her classes,
a bond that made us more than what was seen at first glance, a bond that made us feel
safe. This is how Mrs. Dentice treats everyone, and it truly impacts the halls we walk in
every day. Mrs. Dentice, you deserve it!"--Emily O'Connor

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