“I’m grateful to have had Mrs.Janke as my teacher   
for 6th and 7th grade in the way that I really liked
the way she taught the class and made it engaging.
She always had a smile and would try to make our
learning fun. She helped me when I didn’t understand
something and always encouraged me to do more than
required. Thanks to her, I always take notes and show
all my work, as well as that math has become my favorite
subject. From all that I have learned in the past, I have
been able to apply it in all my math assignments, making
it easier to figure an answer out.”
-- Montserrat Camacho

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“I am pleased to award Montserrat Camacho,M. Camacho MMA
an 8th grader at WHMS, with the Martino Merit
Award. Montserrat consistently shows herself to
be a positive role model for her peers. She is kind,
cheerful, hardworking and always looking for an
opportunity to help. Every day she walks into her
classes with a smile. Her positive attitude and
strong work ethic will take her far in life. Montserrat
is an exceptional young person who is a joy to be
around. Congratulations, Montserrat. ¡Felicitaciones!”--Mrs. Quereshi

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Mrs. Quereshi, you have helped me so muchMMA P. Quereshi
and I am very thankful for what you do to make
sure I improve on my English. You go further
than some of my teachers to really make sure
I understand everything and get my questions
answered. I appreciate all that you do, you have
the best way of making a room light up and
making  students have much more self
confidence. Thank you so much for making W
HMS feel like an even safer community for not
only my self but other students you help as well.”--Nhu Y Truong

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"It is with great pleasure that I present
the Martino Merit Award toN.Truong D.Shryock Nhu Y Truong. Nhu Y is a multilingual student who works incredibly hard to do her best in school. She models grace and tenacity everyday. Her smile lights up a room and her gentleness is warm and friendly. Nhu Y is kind to others and has earned many new friends since her arrival at WHMS. I am grateful to have
Nhu Y as a student. I have learned much from her; she's made me a better person.
Congratulations, Nhu Y!" --Danielle Shryock

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"Since the beginning of the year, she has
been a very kind  D Shryock S Forneyand understanding person, she is the type of person who you can always lean on. In times when you feel your life
was just hard, and that all your life was falling apart, she was the one who could help you put all my broken pieces back together. Even if there are problems she must face, she faces them with a smile that’s bright and inspiring. Within all her classes she teaches with the intent to prepare her students for success in the future and although that may
be hard and tedious she still comes back and does it again. An important lesson that she has taught me is that everyone goes through their own kind of pain and hardships, but it’s important to remember to do all you can for a loved one, until you can’t. Thus I’d like to congratulate Mrs. Shryock for being the recipient of the Martino Merit Award.” - Serene Forney

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