Mark Losey"I would like to nominate Mr. Losey for the next Martino Merit award.
Mr. Losey is a very positive, kind teacher who has supported me the
entire year. Mr. Losey even helped me when I wasn't in his class.
He has been my coach for cross country for the past three years
and helped me improve. Overall, Mr. Losey is a kind, supportive
teacher and coach."-- Ryan Streit

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“I’m grateful to have had Mrs.Janke as my teacher   
for 6th and 7th grade in the way that I really liked
the way she taught the class and made it engaging.
She always had a smile and would try to make our
learning fun. She helped me when I didn’t understand
something and always encouraged me to do more than
required. Thanks to her, I always take notes and show
all my work, as well as that math has become my favorite
subject. From all that I have learned in the past, I have
been able to apply it in all my math assignments, making
it easier to figure an answer out.”
-- Montserrat Camacho

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“I am pleased to award Montserrat Camacho,M. Camacho MMA
an 8th grader at WHMS, with the Martino Merit
Award. Montserrat consistently shows herself to
be a positive role model for her peers. She is kind,
cheerful, hardworking and always looking for an
opportunity to help. Every day she walks into her
classes with a smile. Her positive attitude and
strong work ethic will take her far in life. Montserrat
is an exceptional young person who is a joy to be
around. Congratulations, Montserrat. ¡Felicitaciones!”--Mrs. Quereshi

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Mrs. Quereshi, you have helped me so muchMMA P. Quereshi
and I am very thankful for what you do to make
sure I improve on my English. You go further
than some of my teachers to really make sure
I understand everything and get my questions
answered. I appreciate all that you do, you have
the best way of making a room light up and
making  students have much more self
confidence. Thank you so much for making W
HMS feel like an even safer community for not
only my self but other students you help as well.”--Nhu Y Truong

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