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Employee Spotlight: Carlton Nolen

Officer Nolen is the School Resource Officer at Wisconsin Hills Middle School. Through his work, he helps build a positive relationship between students and law enforcement and provides the school community with an added sense of security throughout the day. Nolen joined the WHMS community in January 2023 when the SRO program was expanded to include Elmbrook’s two middle schools.

“As an SRO, I am able to interact with over 800 students a day and my goal is to have at least one positive interaction with each student before they graduate from Hills. Everyone has been so welcoming since Day One and that has meant the world,” stated Officer Nolen. “In law enforcement, it can be very rare to be able to positively impact others, so I feel very grateful to have this opportunity as an SRO!”

Carlton is inspired by his wife and daughter. His wife’s incredible work ethic and his two-year-old daughter’s amazing outlook on life motivate him every day. “To me, success is the happiness of my family,” he reflected. Officer Nolen also boasts his ability to lip-sync. “Can I actually sing in real life? Absolutely not. But I am probably one of the best, if not the best lip-syncers you’ll ever meet.”

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